Why A Website Should Still Be Essential To Your Business In 2017

Written By Andrew Seward

why a website is important

It’s hard to believe in this day and age but many businesses still don’t have a website. Or if they do their website is really outdated and isn’t responsive to the many different screens we view websites on. With a lot of businesses opting to use social media as their main online marketing and hey it make be working well for you. I’m not saying social media is not important to your business it can be. But I think any business especially smaller businesses could still benefit from having a website.

Many business owners especially those who started in business before the internet also feel they don’t need a website and feel the old ways are best. However a competitor who is utilizing the new ways has an advantage because more people use the internet than read newspapers or leaflets.

Why Would A Customer Visit Your Website

Before I talk about the advantages of having a website and why it is important I’m going to outline the reasons why potential customers would visit your website.

  • Find out in detail what products or services you offer.
  • Find out you contact details.
  • If you sell online they will buy from you.
  • Find out what other customers have to say about your business.
  • Find out about the company and its history.

Below are a few advantages and reasons why you should have a website.

1). Cost Effective Way Of Advertising Your Business

Having a website can be another good form of advertising. If you are a small business a website can be used solely just to advertise your business by promoting services, showcasing latest projects and providing contact information.

Having a website can show customers a lot more about your company, which is more than you can show on an advert or leaflet. Unlike other forms of advertising a website is more cost effective in the long run. After you pay the web designer it’s a case of just paying a small cost yearly to keep the website up live. It’s also a good way to keep new and existing customers updated on news and offers that your business has.

2). Generate Sales And Stay Open 24/7

The beauty of a website is that it never closes and is a way to keep your business open 24/7. By having a website you can still generate sales leads and orders all while you are at home relaxing.

3). Potential Customers Will More Often Or Not Google Your Business Before Making A Decision

Potential customers are Googling you before they come and visit you. If they search your company and they can’t see you then there chances of actually visiting you physically goes down. It gives customers a chance to see exactly what you do and offer. If you have what they are looking for then they are more likely to enquire about them.

4). Verifies Your Business And Can Ensure Trust In Potential Customers

I mentioned previously that customers view your website to see what other people have to say about your business. Having your business verified with Google can ensure trust in potential customers especially if you have business reviews.

5). Customers Expect You To Have A Website

Let’s face it potential customers expect every business to be online. We are in that day and age where we are online all time, the use of internet on mobile phones has risen substantial, it’s not just computers where we access the internet. People are more reliant than ever of the internet and not having a presence online can leave you below your competitors who are online.


So to sum up a website is still an essential part of any business. A website gets your name out more and can offer potential customers more details of what you do. It also give you another platform to gain new customers and keep them up to date. There isn’t anything to lose by having a website a good quality website can only help your business.


Image Courtesy Of Freepik