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West Midlands Marketing Consultancy For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

My marketing advice is open to all sectors of business so if you are looking for advice and guidance. West Midlands marketing consultancy is here to help you realize and achieve your marketing goals. One of the most important aspects of running a business is marketing. Where marketing your business is essential there are risks.

What Are The Risks Of Marketing?

With any form of marketing there are many risks such as:

  • Not all marketing pays off the way you might expect.
  • Cost effective.
  • With different forms of marketing it’s important to find which form is right for your business.

What Types Of Marketing Is There?

Here I am going to talk about just a few forms of marketing that can help your business.

Offline Marketing

With many business and business owners they like to focus their marketing online. There are many other traditional ways of promoting your products or services offline such as.

  • Leaflet distribution.
  • Newspaper and magazine advertisements.
  • Business write ups.

Online Marketing

With everyone having the ability to access the internet from anywhere at any time. It opens up a great opportunity for you to market your business. Such as social media marketing this is popular among businesses to give information and new offers to customers. Having a website is also a great form of online marketing. This allows you to have a platform to expand and inform people of your business.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a fantastic way to get your business out there. Finding a cause that both you and your customers can care about. Let’s say for example your business involves selling shoes, instead of having an offer of buy one get one free. You could say for example for every one pair of shoes bought a pair will be donated to a good cause. This could create a better reputation for your company.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is what it sounds like it’s having people recommend your business to other people. So if your company has a great reputation then people are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.


If you are looking for marketing advice and you are in the West Midlands area. Then please feel free to give me a call on 07484 807711 or email me at and I can arrange to come and see you.